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Affichage sur grand écran

Control the sound at 100% Test your DJ skills by choosing yourself the next song in the Black Night’s hard drive. To mix more often, it will be necessary to please your competitors because they can note you and modify your waiting time!

Jam Sessions

  Jam Sessions / acoustic improv For 100% improv evenings, take your scraper or your percussions and let’s rock! On-site hardware: 12 channels sound / vocal mics / feet / Cajon (percussion) To see the schedule of ‘Jam Sessions’ click here  

Blind Test

The only 100% rock Blind Test Guess the group and the song title playing to the Black Night. You score one point per group or title, and an additional point if you are the first to find, but beware, the other teams have weapons to slow you down … To play you just need a smartphone connected…

Autres soirées

Other parties throughout the year: Halloween / St Patrick / Music Day / Tastings / Acoustic Concerts / etc … More info on our news page or on our facebook page